The Essential High School Curriculum: Classes Every Student Should Take

As high school approaches, students often find themselves overwhelmed with the wide range of classes available to choose from. It's essential to consider not only personal interests but also academic and future career goals. To help streamline this decision-making process, this guide will outline the key classes that every student should consider enrolling in during their high school years.

English/Language Arts

A fundamental class for developing strong communication skills, English/Language Arts provides students with the tools to express themselves effectively through reading and writing. This course typically covers literature, grammar, composition and critical thinking, all of which are vital for future academic and professional success.


Regardless of career goals, math skills are essential in everyday life. From basic arithmetic to advanced calculus, high school math courses build problem-solving abilities and logical reasoning. Students should aim to complete courses such as Algebra, Geometry and Statistics to establish a solid foundation for future academic pursuits.


Science courses offer an opportunity to explore and understand the world. Basic science courses, such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics, lay the groundwork for scientific thinking, experimentation and the development of analytical skills. Students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields should pursue these classes to pave the way for future scientific studies.

Social Studies

Social Studies courses provide a broader understanding of historical events, government systems and societal structures. By studying History, Civics, Geography and Economics, students gain insight into human behaviour, culture and political systems. These classes foster critical thinking, empathy and an appreciation for diversity.

Foreign Language

In an increasingly interconnected world, learning a foreign language can open up new possibilities for communication and cultural understanding. Whether it be Spanish, French, Mandarin or another language, studying a foreign language during high school can enhance cognitive skills, broaden future career opportunities and foster global awareness.

Fine Arts

Engaging in artistic expression helps students develop creativity, problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills. Courses in visual arts, music, drama or dance allow students to explore various forms of self-expression while fostering an appreciation for aesthetics and cultural diversity. Additionally, involvement in the arts positively impacts overall cognitive development and academic performance.

Physical Education

Promoting physical health and overall well-being, physical education classes play a crucial role in a student's development. Regular exercise, team sports and fitness activities not only improve physical fitness but also foster resilience, teamwork, leadership and stress management skills. Physical education classes instil lifelong habits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


In addition to the core subjects mentioned above, high schools often offer a wide range of elective courses that allow students to explore their passions and develop specific skills. These can include computer science, psychology, business, culinary arts or technology courses. Choosing electives that align with personal interests can be instrumental in shaping future career paths.

For more information about various high school curriculum options to take, reach out to a local high school.

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